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Public Art - at the Chester Springs Mall

Community Mural 2018
Before & after wall next to Sleepy's
"The Spiral" created by Theresa Sandoval
Gallery at The Hive
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Come enjoy unique art at??the Chester Springs shopping center!

Visit with your friends and family, and take your picture in front of what is becoming one of Chester's??most fun??spots! Thanks to the local artists??who create works of art that give??our community a uniqueness no other town possesses.

About the Chester Spring's Shopping Center Outdoor Gallery:We at MCAW noticed that the brick walls at the Chester Springs Shopping Center needed to be spruced up with some fantastic works of art. When we proposed this idea to the shopping center owners??they LOVED it!
We thank Mr. Dennis Gershenson and Ramco-Gershenson, Inc., the owner and manager of Chester Springs shopping center. We are grateful to them for putting??their faith in our dream, and placing confidence in our staff and volunteers. ??

November 11, 2012??Morris County Arts Workshop launched its Public Art Project at the Chester Springs shopping center.?? MCAW applied for and recieved a $1,000 mini-grant from the Arts Council of the Morris Area as part of it's 2012 Local Arts Grant program."

???? ??????
?????????????????????????????????????? Sweet Dreams (2015)????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Les Cuisiniers en Vert???????????????????????????????????????????? ??by Jane Shatz????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????by Alexander Elmaleh-de Buenos??
???????????????????????????? ?? ??(on exhibit??April 25, 2015)??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????(on exhibit??11/13/12 to 8/2/14)

The first work of art (Les Cuisiniers en Vert) by Alex Elmaleh-de Buenos, was mounted on the brick wall between Domo 7 and Staples.??The second piece of public art (A Thousand Flights) by Jane, was place?? on November 17, 2012??between Marshals and CVS. Shortly after the new year the third??work of public art (The Spiral) Theresa Sandoval, was installed on the wall located to the??right of Staples. A fourth??work??(Kid's Create 4 a Cause) was installed on the left of Staples on??March 30, 2014. This??exhibit??was dedicated to the artwork of our community children to provide them with the ability to make a positive impact within our community through art.??
As of August 2, 2014??a new work????(Ocean Commotion) created by the art students of the Hive (MCAW's storefront located by Sleepy's)??now hangs where??the "Kid's Create??4 a cause" was displayed.??????
Another new work (Mickey/Bugs) by Max Segale can be viewed where "Les Cuisiniers en Vert" was displayed.

Deborah Herridge??funded the??new frame for??the artwork "Sweet Dreams" which was placed on the wall next to Sleepy's.??A dedication ceremony took place April 25,??2015.

"Our World" is a nine foot by 12 foot mural,??created by 40 special needs artists who attend the Center for Enhanced Abilities in Cedar Knolls. was place??left wall next to Staples from 2015-2018.
A ribbon cutting ceremony took place Saturday, August 8, 2015.

Our newest installation is a 8 foot by 12 mural, created by Angelina Tufariello with assistance by Katharine Lathrop and painted??by the community as part of The Arts Workshop 2017 annual fundraiser event "Living, Breathing Art"?? It was installed on Saturday, May 5, 2018

All these works??look amazing! They are changed and??rotated periodically!??
Look for new works of??art coming very soon.??

We thank Bill Sandoval, the mastermind who created the frames and mount system that makes it possible to share these works with the public in an outdoor setting.
Please visit the Chester Springs shopping center to view these works of art in person soon.
Mickey Mouse/Bugs Bunny?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??A Thousand Flights by Jane Shatz
by Maxwell Segale

Public Art Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who contributed to our public art and the Chipin of 2012 campaign including:

The Ellman family
The Gause family
The Stover family
The Klavsons family
The Sheehan family
The Diefender family
The Levine family
The Lynaugh family
The Fleischer family
Anonymous Donor
Arts Council of the Morris Area
Mr. Dennis Gershenson & Ramco-Gershenson Trust
Deborah Herridge (2015)
Mini Grant (2012)- "Funding has been made possible in part by funds from the Arts Council of the Morris Area through the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/department of State, a Partner Agency of the National Endowment for the Arts."

"Kids Create??4 a Cause"??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"Ocean Commotion" By Christy Segale &??by the art students at the Hive.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? art students at the Hive.??????
(on exhibit 3-30-2014 to 8-2-2014)??????????????????????????????????????????(On exhibit?? 7-2-2014 to 4-1-2015)

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