Mad Science - Are You Smarter for age range 5-8

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Course Description:

How do bugs work? Can we control electricity?

These are just some of the questions that Mad Science will ask and answer! Students engage in fun, interactive, and educational hands-on activities that instill a clearer understanding of science and how it affects the world around them.

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School District: Mendham 2019 winter
Course 6084 Details
Scheduled Course Name: Mad Science

Movie Effects:
Take the Director's Chair and discover how science is the start of the big screen. Create visual and sound effects just like in the movies, and take home a CARTOON CREATOR

Current Events:
Learn how tiny electrons power everything in your life. Test your problem solving skills using Snap Circuit kits & navigate electrified mazes. Continue the fun at home with your own CIRCUIT MAZE.

Explore the world's most abundant animal! Insect defenses & their role in our ecosystems will be explored in fun, hands-on activities, and see through the eyes of a bug with the INSECT-A VISION take home.

Science of Toys:
Spinning tops, gravity defying birds & "sting things" will guide your exploration of the principles of motion, and potential/kinetic energies, and you'll take home your own YO-YO!

Detective Science:
Solve crimes with science! Transform the classroom into a crime lab and explore the fundamentals of forensics with a PERSONAL PROFILE KIT!

Science of Magic:
Ta-da! Magic? No... it's science! You'll learn the secrets behind famous magicians and recreate their tricks yourself! Make a "magical" CURIOUS CUBE to keep the Illusion going at home!

Super Structures:
Did you know that shapes like triangles, cylinders, & arches are best for building strong structures? Glimpse inside the world of architecture engineering, and build your own BRIDGE BASICS kit!

Mad Machines:
Explore the six main types of simple machines (the wheel & axle, screw, lever, inclined plane, wedge, and pulley), and then put your knowledge to the test by building your own DRAG RACER.

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